Telephone Conversations

Transcription services can be used for a large variety of applications across multiple industries. Government offices, insurance firms, corporations, and other organizations can serve to benefit from a written record of daily transactions. This also extends into the area of telephone conversations.

While the world is increasingly shifting to a digital format, phone conversations are still a primary means of communication for meetings, sales, and other interactions. However, this medium is difficult to index, creating the desire for many institutions to transcribe phone calls.

Transcription Express specializes in multiple transcription service formats, and phone calls are among the most important. Our industry-leading training programs and service-level objectives ensure that you’ll receive extremely accurate transcription records, and possessing an electronic copy of phone conversations will allow you to digitally index your business transactions.

What makes our work different from similar transcription methods and/or companies is our scrupulous attention to detail. This focus vastly exceeds the capabilities of transcription software, and our quality control processes set a new standard in the field of transcription services. Our Quality Assurance team is larger than most of our competitors’ entire companies, and each transcriptionist receives ongoing grades in the areas of word accuracy and verbatim-style transcription (if desired) in order to ensure the utmost accuracy.

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