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The legal world is a very exacting field of rules, regulations, and procedures. This broad category includes a wide variety of affirms and organizations, and most employees and civil servants must undergo rigorous training and study in order to uphold the highest standard of the law. In short, paying attention to details in the legal career field is simply standard procedure.

Many aspects of legal work require that verbal conversations are recorded and placed on file. While this may be sufficient in the short term, many organizations also wish for these interactions to be transcribed for the sake of physical and electronic documentation. In addition, such transcriptions may be used in critical court proceedings, requiring a higher quality standard than typical transcription providers’ offer.

Transcription Express, Inc. offers a staff of over 140 locally-trained transcription and quality assurance personnel specifically trained for each account. Each transcriptionist is meticulously graded on a regular basis, and our Quality Assurance Team adds an extra layer of integrity to all transcription services. We also have extensive experience in the field of legal transcription, ensuring that your firm or organization will receive tremendous cost and time savings.

We offer the reliability of a well-established track record, expert training, and the flexibility to meet your particular needs. If you’d like to learn more about this topic, you can reach us at:

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legal transcription

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