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The world we live in is full of information, and this data can quickly become overwhelming if it isn’t properly organized, sorted, and converted into something we can understand and locate when necessary. Businesses, governments, and other groups use multiple forms of media to record information every single day. For example, many government organizations utilize formats like voice transcription, and witness statements on a very frequent basis. Making sure that all of this data is readily accessible when and where it’s needed is a critically necessary service, but finding a quality firm that hasn’t been relegated to outsourcing is quite difficult due to recent economic trends.

Regardless, high-quality transcription service is a very important part of business, legal, and government firms in spite of the fact that this industry tends to overpromise and under-deliver. While presentations, interviews, phone calls, and speeches offer an immense wealth of information for modern professionals, transcription companies oftentimes cut important corners when converting them into an accessible format. Automatic software transcription systems are another alternative, but these offer unreliable and error-ridden audio transcription, even for items as simple as a recorded statement.

Moving on to more concrete examples, the legal and insurance sectors are full of very exacting professions that require increasingly precise information; therefore, activities such as insurance transcription and police transcription necessitate the use of extraordinarily high-quality transcription services. In fact, a single incorrect word can mean the difference between life and death in extreme circumstances. But there’s a better option.

While outsourcing transcription services provides a very affordable possibility, it still doesn’t solve the accuracy problem. That’s why finding a transcription company that features a highly-trained quality assurance staff and explicitly-stated service level objectives is so crucial. Processes like legal transcription are far too important to risk anything less! Transcription Express has been utterly dedicated to transcription integrity and fast turnaround for over 17 years. We believe in using detailed analytics to ensure performance in our transcription professionals from start to finish, and our strict standards ensure dramatically elevated levels of reliability.

We have extensive experience in four primary industries: insurance, corporate, legal, and law enforcement. Our staff also realizes that accurate business transcription can be just as important as the others, and sometimes even more so! Corporations are often large entities with a vast variety of media in need of transcription services, and Transcription Express is ready, willing, and able to meet this need. Our flexibility even allows us to offer work at home transcription for entrepreneurs and business professionals living a more flexible lifestyle.

In short, the experts at Transcription Express are here to provide you with elite transcription services for a wide selection of applications, and you can count on our extensive experience, high standards, and accurate data reporting for all of your transcription needs.

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