Does a Corporate Ethics Code like “TruthAtWork” improve Transcription Quality in a Vendor/Client Relationship?

business transcription, insurance transcription, legal transcription, transcription qualityBusiness code of ethics is getting a great deal of play these days.  We had Enron, which was beyond deplorable. Then we had the financial meltdown that has devastated so many people while a few have gotten rich.  Now we have a new potentially messy situation with JPMorgan and their risky investments; the question of government funding of institutions making these investments and losing.  Let’s not forget parts of Europe who are rejecting the necessary austerity plans to deal with ethical issues along these lines.  What will happen in the U.S. at election time when these issues are brought up?  Many of our state and local governments are facing financial ruin due to unethical business practices in their organizations and at the federal government level.

Are Ethics Really a Factor in Transcription Quality?

Smaller businesses face business ethical questions regularly.  I own a transcription services company with 140 people, and we specialize in the business transcription, insurance transcription, and legal transcription with emphasis on large workloads and excellent transcription quality.  If the issues above are not enough to stir controversy, I’m going to add fuel to the fire by asking people’s views of organizations like “” and others organizations which work with Christian business owners to apply Biblical principles in their businesses.  Business owners who are trying to integrate their faith in the running of their businesses?  Business codes of ethics that require owners to wrestle with employee issues in terms of applying a servanthood approach to problems or a stewardship approach?  In competition with other vendors, we’ve seen any number of situations that seem to skirt ethical behavior.  For our industry, business ethics include transcription quality and the quality assurance process that includes grading of transcripts.  We’ve competed so many times against companies that do not have the staff to maintain excellent transcription quality.  In fact, our quality assurance team is larger than many of our competitor’s entire companies.

What Do Ethics and Transcription Quality have in common?

We all can tell stories of working with someone we thought espoused business ethics and it wasn’t the case at all.  Do any of you have thoughts about the topic of using one’s faith as not only a guiding force in determining business ethics but a stated resource in choosing their business ethics?  Do you think it would make a significant difference in transcription quality?  Are businesses a place that are in desperate need of business ethics that intentionally include faith, or is this a recipe for further problems with all the sentiment against faith in the workplace?  Even in visiting about this blog topic I received warnings that maybe this is not a topic to blog about.

In terms of full disclosure, I do belong to the TruthAtWork Roundtable located in Phoenix, Arizona.  I do feel compelled to operate my business and maintain high transcription quality for my customers as a part of that belief system.

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