Case Studies

We have a long history of helping our clients!

Over the years, Transcription Express Inc. has helped hundreds of client offices with their transcription needs. More importantly, we’ve helped solve problems, rescued clients from unreliable vendors, helped clients advance their technology and overall, have worked to be a long-term partner. Here are some of our favorite success stories.

Support and service during outsourcing transition

One of our clients originally had 18 different company-owned Word Processing Centers handling their transcription needs and typically funneled only their overflow work to us. Over the course of several years and partly because of our efficiency and customer service, a cost savings decision was made to eliminate the Word Centers and send their recorded statement audios directly to us from each of over 400 locations in all 50 states. During the transition, we worked with the company to make the transition as seamless as possible. We have been working with this particular company for over 16 years.

2,000 transcripts in 30 Days

One company called us after several years of marketing conversations and asked if we could handle an overflow of 2,000 recorded statements immediately and complete them within 30 days! We had to really scramble to meet the goal, but our staff pulled together and worked very hard. Not only were we able to meet the goal, but they were so impressed with our effort, they turned their recorded statements over to us shortly thereafter. This particular company has become a long-term and loyal client for the last eight years.

Boxes and boxes of recorded dictation

Another client called us because their Word Processing Center was so busy handling the day to day dictation needs of the company’s personal dictation workload, they were unable to complete their recorded statement transcription in a timely manner. By the time we started working with them, they were months behind. Not only were we able to catch them up, but we started receiving all their recorded statement business and eventually became their prime vendor for recorded dictation transcription. We have been working with this client for over 16 years.

New Technology Support

While we offer our own digital dictation and transcription system, several of our large clients wanted to develop their own platforms. Because of our experience with the new digital technology available, we were chosen to work closely with the Information Technology engineers at these companies to develop the best way to interface between the company’s new dictation system and the vendor’s transcription processing system. We were able to provide valuable input which benefited both parties.

National Account? Two Months Notice? No Problem!

One of our clients was a well known subsidiary of a much larger company who had purchased them. After five years, in the Fall of 2006, they called us unexpectedly and told us they were closing the subsidiary’s Word Processing Center and wanted to know if we could take on their whole national account in less than two months! Again we reached out to our workforce and they accepted the challenge…we were able to absorb all of this client’s transcription work in the two month window and have been their primary vendor for over ten years. We had a great relationship with the subsidiary and now have handled the parent company for several years.