Benefits of Outsourcing

The term “outsourcing” can bring to mind frustrating, awkward conversations with overseas operators. But outsourcing is just another word for subcontracting – hiring someone to take over one or more internal tasks that are not typically important to your primary core competency. Insurance, business, and legal transcription services are ideal for outsourcing. The workload is irregular and employee turnover can be quite high. That leads to ongoing expenses for recruiting, training and managing a staff that is not consistently busy. Transcription Express Inc. is the ultimate transcription outsourcing solution. We handle all the headaches that come with an in-house transcription or word processing center. You benefit by getting the most cost-effective use of your departmental budget because you are only paying for the services you actually use and that leaves more money and time to do your job. Overseas outsourcing is not an option for us. There are too many language differences, especially in informal English, for a non-native speaker to transcribe accurately. Our transcriptionists are all trained at our on-site corporate training facilities and 90% are located within 25 miles of our training center for easy additional training.