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We specialize in the following:

Insurance Transcription

You cover houses, crashed cars, and more. But this time, we’ve got YOU covered.

We’ve helped insurance clients of all sizes for over 17 years. We specialize in verbatim style insurance transcription, a highly complex method that cannot be effectively processed by voice transcription software.

We hold our insurance transcription services to the highest standard by applying our service level objectives to each and every task. Our experts will determine your precise goals before starting and maintain the same level of excellence throughout the process with multiple checkpoints to ensure insurance transcription accuracy and integrity.

Business Transcription

Business transcription is a very diverse field, covering everything from educational seminars and board meetings to marketing focus groups and training sessions. The business world is always moving full-steam ahead, and our flexible staff and reliable standards are ready and able to meet whatever business transcription needs you may have.

Legal Transcription

Transcription Express is a nationally recognized legal transcription vendor. We transcribe recorded statements and property, casualty, and liability reports along with a large variety of other documents and data. Legal transcription leaves very little room for error, which is why our exacting analysis and rigorous editing are ideal for the industry.

We have years of experience in this field, so trust us as your legal transcription experts!

Law Enforcement

You are the First Responders for us…Let us be your First Responders 24/7!

Law enforcement is a cornerstone of civilization, which is why law enforcement transcription quality is so important! Our highly-trained and maintained staff is very qualified to help you uphold the highest standard of the law. We specialize in myriad areas including wiretaps, patrol reports, undercover body recordings, and any number of other law enforcement transcription assignments.

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